A 5 year journey on Social Media

I was thinking about what Mike Ewen  (@Mike_Ewen)  and I might present about our Social Media journey at an event about communicating with new technologies.  I’m not sure if we’ll use this but I thought it showed the difference in attitudes and thinking.

Our attitude circa 2010 0r ‘The 10 rules of Social Media success (Or Not)’

  1. If there is Social Media platform, get an account on it
  2. Start posting – people will engage!
  3. Be professional – don’t bring the Library into disrepute
  4. Be serious – Remember this is work
  5. Post about Library related things – people will be interested
  6. Don’t use Social Media as a support tool – It’s a big overhead
  7. Don’t answer questions
  8. Don’t respond directly to an individual, if you must, do it privately
  9. Turn a negative into a positive, we don’t want people saying bad things about us
  10. If you make a mistake, delete the message and repost


YES! (Or at least we think so)  But we take comfort in knowing that this was a new area and we have learnt a lot.

Our attitude 2015

  1. Focus efforts!  Don’t use Social Media platforms just because they exist, use them because that’s where your audience is and accept that might change
  2. Accept that people don’t always engage! A good reputation takes time and you need to put effort in
  3. Be Human – everyone else is
  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously – if you do,  others won’t
  5. Post about what your followers are interested in. Some of this might be library related
  6. Use as a support tool – use very much as a support tool
  7. Answers all questions…and accept feedback
  8. Respond to individuals, have conversations in public and let others participate
  9. Respond to negative comments – they are great feedback (and publicity)
  10. If you make a mistake, leave it and engage over it when it’s pointed out. It makes you human, it starts a conversation.


We don’t know, maybe not, but we accept that. It’s working for us at the moment and we think we are moving in the right direction. I think most importantly we’ve realised the Social Media isn’t about us, it’s about a community and being part of the conversation. Perhaps one of our biggest marketing opportunities is being seen having those conversations and being seen to be human!

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