Be ‘Platform Wise’

I was trawling through my personal facebook feed, looking at photos of people’s days out and reading comments that others had made on photos of mine. I happened to see a couple of posts which seemed quite relevant, intelligent and put forward a view that certain communities would be interested in. I don’t remember what they were about now, but at the time that’s what I thought. Those people had a view, they could even write a paper and present that view at a conference.  So this is all good right?  No, not at all!  Those people are not ‘Platform Wise’ their views and comments are lost among photos of children and cats! They aren’t tagged up properly and the people who should be seeing them, simply don’t know they exist.

I’ve said before that professionally you are a no body if you don’t have a twitter account.   This is a little harsh and of course untrue, but it does get the point across that having an online profile and being involved in conversations is important.  If people can’t find you, they can’t listen to what you have to say.   I think more importantly though, is that you are aware of where your audiences are, I wouldn’t make a post about UX in Libraries on my facebook account. My sister, cousin or Daz round the corner have no interest in that.  I’d do it on twitter, I might write a blog post about it (when I finally get onto doing more work in that area).  I’d tag that post with relevant tags, #UXLibs for example, and I might tag someone who is influential or an expert in that area in the hope of getting a retweet or a reply.   Hopefully, my view or comment will reach people.  Hopefully people will want to talk to me about it.  At the very least, they’ll know that I exist and that I have an interest in that subject.

I don’t know if I’m amazingly platform wise.  I don’t know if it’s even a valid term,  but I do know not to tell people who like cats about libraries or people who like libraries about cats.   Of course there will always be those cat loving librarians,  but that’s just how it goes.

In short:

  • Choose the platform where your audience is
  • Use the right #tags
  • Tag relevant people
  • Be involved in the conversation

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