Gathering Feedback

During the run up to Christmas and the end of Semester 1, we ran two experiments using our large touchscreen to gather user feedback on the ground floor. The two experiments helped us determine whether these methods would be useful going forward through the rest of the year. The resounding answer to that question is yes!

Tell us one thing you LIKE and one thing you DISLIKE about this library


We were really surprised just how quickly the responses started to come in after this was put onto the screen. There were number of key themes, some of which we were aware of but it’s good to have them validated.

  • The fact that we are open 24/7 is very much appreciated
  • People don’t like the lifts, but don’t like using the stairs
  • Our staff are very friendly and helpful
  • There is too much noise in the library and a lack of silent study space
  • The tower floors are too cold

As with the results from other user research, we will be looking at ways to address issues over the coming months.

How was your visit to the library today? (Between 9th and 16th December) howabout

So how did people feel?

  • Our happiest day was December 12
  • Our saddest day was December 15




The downside to this method is that it can be hard to understand what makes our library users feel the way they do, but it is useful to

look at the figures alongside events and issues that we know about. It is also useful as a general temperature check.


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